solar bark

Egyptian - The boat in which the sun-god. Ra, or a dead pharaoh, travelled. Through the underworld. There is general agreement that there were two such boats, one used during the day, the other at night, but less agreeement as to what they were called. Some say the day-boat was Manjet, others that it was Meseket (Mesektet, Mesenktet, Me'enzet) or Semketet, while some say that the night-boat was Meseket or Semketet. At times, referred to as solar bark, Manjet, Manjet, Maadit bark, Manchet, Mandet, Manjet-boat, Mantchet, Manzet, Manjet-boat Man(t)chet, Me'emzet, Me'emzet, Me'enzet, Me'enzet, Meseket, Meseket, Mesektet, Mesektet, Mesenktet, Mesenktet, Semektet, Semektet, Semketet or Semketet.

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