Hindu - A war-god and god of Mars. Son of Shiva and Parvati. Consort of Devasena, Kumari and Valli. Father of Naigameya, Sena, Sakha and Visakha. He was said to have been generated after thousands of years from a huge pile of semen left over when Shiva and Parvati reduced their love-making. Some say that his father was Agni and his mother was either Ganga, Parvati or Uma, while others say that he was created to defeat the demon, Taraka. He is depicted with six faces and twelve arms, riding the peacock, Paravani. In some references, called Skanda, Karttikeya, Karttikeya, Kartikeya, Karttikaya, Agneya, Ganga-ja, Guha, K(a)umara, Mahasena, Mangala, Sena-pati, Subra(h)manya, Greek Ares, 'attacker', 'attacker', Gajavahana, Gajavahana, Tamil Gajavahana, Tamil Gajavahana, Seyon, Seyon, Ceyon, Muruga, Murugan, Murukan, Muruga(n) or Hindu Skanda.

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