Norse - A giantess. Goddess of winter. One of the Asynjur. Daughter of Thiassi. Wife of Niord, Odin or Uller. Mother of Frey and Freya, some say. When her father was killed in Asgard, she demanded that the gods compensate her for the loss. They offered any one of their number as a husband but she must choose by looking only at their feet. She hoped to choose Balder but got Niord. She was unhappy in the warmth of Noatun and so they moved to her old home, Thrymheim. Niord hated the cold and they finally separated although some stories say that they merely alternated between her home and his, every three days. She is said to have married Odin, bearing his son, Saeming; in other accounts she married Uller, god of winter, after leaving Niord. When Loki was finally captured and bound, she placed over his head the serpent that constantly dripped venom on him. She is depicted as a huntress in armour, short-skirted and bearing a spear. In some accounts Skadi is male and Niord is female. In some lore, occasionally called Skadi, Skade, Skade, Skadhi, Skadhi, Skathi, Skathi, Skad(h}i or Skad(h}i.

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