Sipa Khorlo

Buddhist - The Tibetan Wheel of Life. This is a device with three circles setting out the cycle of existence, etc. The outer circle has twelve scenes which illustrate the reasons for rebirth such as ignorance, covetousness and similar vices. The second wheel has six triangles, each of which deals with one of the various realms, given as Chayula (home of the gods), Lamayin (home of demi-gods), Miyul (home of mankind), Yiddak (home of ghosts), Gholsong (home of animals) and Nyalwa (the underworld). The third, innermost, circle portrays the three worlds of passion using a cock to portray desire or lust, a pig for ignorance or sloth and a snake for anger or hatred. Also referred to as Sipa Khorlo, Wheel of Life, Wheel of Life or Wheel of the Law.

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