Irish - Father of Borba. He took a large force to Ireland to help Midac in his struggle with the Fianna. Midac trapped Finn mac Cool and some of the Fianna in the Quicken Trees Hostel but the ford leading to the hostel was held by Dermot, Innsa, Fiachna and Fotla and successive waves of attackers were slaughtered. Finally, Sinsar himself gathered the remaining warriors and led an attack on the defenders of the ford. The rest of the Fianna reached the ford at about the same time and a great battle ensued. Sinsar was killed by Oscar and the invaders fled when they saw their king go down. Also commonly referred to as Sinsar, Daire Donn, Daire Donn, Dara Donn, King of the World, Battle of Fionn's Strand, Sinsear or Sinsear.

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