Norse - Son of Sigmund and Signy. He was born of an incestuous liaison to provide a worthy helper for Sigmund in his efforts to exact vengeance on Siggeir, Signy's husband, who had treacherously killed her father, Volsung, and tied her four brothers to fallen trees in the forest where all except Sigmund were eaten by wolves. Sigmund trained the boy in the arts of the warrior and on one occasion they donned the skins of werewolves and rampaged through the forest killing all in their path, after which they fought each other and Sinfiotli was killed. The gods intervened and Sigmund was able to restore his son to life with the aid of a magic herb. When they hid in Siggeir's palace they were betrayed by Siggeir's sons who were promptly killed by Sinfiotli. He and his father were overpowered and buried alive in stone tombs but escaped with the help of Sigmund's magic sword, Balmung, which Signy managed to smuggle to them. They then set fire to the palace, killing all inside except the women. Signy refused safe passage and died with her husband. They then returned to Hunaland where Sigmund married Borghild. Her brother quarrelled with Sinfiotli and was killed. Borghild poisoned Sinfiotli and Sigmund carried the body of his dead son to the shore where Odin received it into his boat and sailed off into the west. Sometimes known as Sinfiotli, Sinfiotl, Sinfiotl, Sinfjotli or Sinfjotli.

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