Roman - God of agriculture and woods. Half man, half goat. In some accounts he was the son of Crathis, others say he was the son of Picus or Mars. Some accounts identify him with Faunus, Mars or the Greek Pan, others with Cocidius. Sometimes known as Silvan, Faunus, Faunus, Fatu(cl)us, Faun, Incubo, In(n)uus, Lupercus, plurFauni, Greek Pan, Faunus, Mars, Mars, Ares, Mamers, Marmar, Mavors, Pyrois, sacred birds, Viticus, Father Mars, Gradivus, Loucetius, Ma(r)spiter, Pyrois, Quirinus, Rigonometis, Ultor, Egyptian Anhur, Etruscan Maris, Greek Ares, Vitricos, Pan, Pan, Feeder, Herdsman, 'all', Capricorn, Goat-god, Goat-Pan, Nomius, Pasturer, Shepherd God, plurpanes, Roman Consentes, Evander, satyr, satyr, femsatyra, satyress, Roman faun, Silas, Silas, Silvanus, Silvanus, Sucellus, Sylvan, Sylvan, Sylvanus, Sylvanus, Sylvan(us), Sylvan(us), Silvani, Silvani, Silvanae or Greek satyrs.

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