Sigurd Ring

Norse - King of Ringric. Husband of Alfild and Ingeborg. Father of Ragnar Lodbrok by Alfild. His first wife, and mother of his son Ragnar, was Alfild. Another version says that he asked Helgé and Halfdan for the hand of their sister, Ingeborg, and, when Halfdan joked about his great age, he sent in his army. When Frithiof refused to help the co-kings to defend their kingdom, they signed a treaty with Sigmund Ring under which they paid an annual tribute and gave him Ingeborg, as wife. At an advanced age, he fell in love with the princess Alfsol but her parents refused to sanction the match. When Sigurd tried to take Alfsol by force, her father poisoned her. Sigmund was so grief-stricken that he jumped aboard the ship in which her funeral pyre was built, stabbed himself and died with her. In some lore, occasionally identified as Sigurd Ring.

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