German - The Germanic version of the Norse Sigmund. Son of Odin. Husband of Sieglinde. Father of Siegfried. His beloved Sieglinde was carried off by a hunter and Siegmund vowed vengeance but could not find her. One day, exhausted, he took shelter in a hut where a maiden, who turned out to be Sieglinde, gave him food and drink. Here he found the Sword of Need, left by his father Odin against his hour of need, stuck into the trunk of the oak- tree which grew through the roof of the hut. He took the sword and fled with Sieglinde from the hut which was, in fact, the home of the hunter who had abducted Sieglinde years before. Odin ordered Brunhild to help Siegmund in his fight with the hunter who followed the fleeing lovers and met Siegmund in a duel. He then changed his mind when Frigga asserted that justice demanded the return of the girl to the hunter and he intervened in the fight to break the Sword of Need so that the hunter was able to kill Siegmund. Odin then killed the hunter with a single glance. Sometimes referred to as Siegmund, Sigemund, Sigemund, Sigmund, Sigmund, Sigmund, Sigmund, Sigmund, Sigmundr, Sigmund, Sigmund, Sigmund, Sigmund, Sig(e)mund or Sig(e)mund.

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