European - Daughter of Macheroll, king of Syria. Wife of Ortnit. Ortnit fell in love with her when he saw a phantom image conjured up by the Fata Morgana. He set out to find her, and with the help of Albernich, sacked Tyre, besieged the fortress Muntabure, where she was held, and took her back to Lombardy. There she was baptised as a Christian, taking the name Liebgart, and married Ortnit. Her father sent her, as a present, two eggs which, he said, would produce magic toads. She gave the eggs to the giantess Ruotze to care for and they hatched to produce monstrous dragons which ravaged the countryside. Ortnit was killed in an attempt to destroy the dragons and Sidrat was opposed by her nobles and reduced to penury, waiting patiently for the knight who, Ortnit had said, would one day arrive with his magic ring. This prediction came true when Wolfdietrich killed the dragons and claimed her hand. Sometimes identified as Sidrat, Liebgart or Liebgart.

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