European - A wife of Charlemagne. Mother of Loys. When she was found in bed with a dwarf, Charlemagne banished her and appointed Auberijn to escort her to the frontier. Macherijn, who lusted after her, attacked her party, killing Auberijn. Sibilla escaped and was sheltered by a farmer named Baroquel who later accompanied her on a journey to her home in Constantinople. They got as far as Hungary where Sibilla gave birth to a son, Loys, who was educated at the court of the king, also called Loys. In later years, she invaded Charlemagne's kingdom at the head of a large army and, when the pope intervened, she was restored to favour. Sometimes referred to as Sibilla, Blanchefleur, Blanchefleur or Blanchefl(e)or.

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