Norse - A servant of King Ermenrich. He was sent with Randwer, the king's son, to escort Swanhild, betrothed to the king, to the royal palace. Sibich coveted the kingdom and plotted the death of the royal family so he lied to the king that Randwer had seduced Swanhild on the journey. The king trampled to death by horses. In the Germanic stories, he was an adviser to Ermenrich but vowed vengeance when his wife said she had been insulted by the king during his absence. He told malicious stories about the king's eldest son and the king had him killed. Sibich then arranged for the second son to be drowned and, finally, told the king that his third son, Randwer, was having an affair with Swanhild, his step-mother. Ermenrich hanged his son and had Swanhild trampled to death by horses. Sibich was killed by Dietrich for his treachery. Also referred to as Sibich, Sibech, Sibech, Sibeche, Sibeche, Sibecke, Sibecke, Sibech(e), Sibech(e), Bikki or Bikki.

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