Hindu - A rakshashi. Sister of Ravana. She was in love with Rama who rejected her so, in revenge, she attacked Sita, Rama's wife. When Rama and Lakshmana came to the rescue, Shurpanakha tried to swallow Rama but was driven off, badly wounded and minus her ears and nose. In reprisal, Ravana abducted Sita, precipitating the battle with Rama who came to rescue his wife. In some accounts she is the sister of Hidimba. Also referred to as Shurpanakha, Hidimba, Hidimba, Hidimva, Shurpa-Naka, Shurpa-Naka, Surpanaka, Surpanaka, Surpanakha, Surpanakha, Shurpanaka, Shurpanaka, Surpanak(h)a or Surpanak(h)a.

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