Hindu - A guardian goddess. An aspect of Devi. Shital is one of seven goddesses all of whom are connected with various diseases. She protected children from smallpox. The others are Agwani, Basanti, Lamkarya, Mahamai, Masani and Polamde. Her attendants are Ghantakavana and Sedhu Lal. She is depicted as naked and painted red, riding a donkey, or as a four-armed goddess, sometimes living in a tree. Occasionally referred to as Shitala, Agwani, Agwani, Basanti, Basanti, Lamkarya, Lamkarya, Mahamai, Mahamai, Mariammai, Mariammai, Masani, Masani, Polamde, Polamde, Shitalamata, Shitalamata, Sitala, Sitala, Sitalamata, Sitalamata, Sitala(mata) or Sitala(mata).

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