Hindu - The third and final manifestation of the demon Ravana. Son of Dama Ghosha and Shrutadeva. He was originally manifest as Hiranyakashipu and then as Ravana. In this form, the demon-king had three eyes and only four, instead of twenty, arms. Some say that he was the son of Shiva by a mortal woman. It was said that, should he ever sit on the knee of the one who would eventually kill him, his extra eye and arms would disappaear and that is just what happened when he climbed up on to Shiva's knee. His mother made the god promise to give her son a hundred lives but that, in the end, was not enough because each time Shishupala tried to kill Shiva he failed and, when he tried once more, Shiva called upon the sun-disc which cut Shishupala in half from head to foot. Also known as Shishupala, Shisupala, Shisupala, Sishupala, Sishupala, Sisupala, Sisupala, Sis(h)upala or Sis(h)upala.

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