Japanese - A samurai. He fell in love with Tsuyu who died of grief when he was prevented from seeing her again. She and her maid, Youé, who had died of grief at the loss of her mistress, returned to visit Shinzaburo at the Feast of the Dead and came night after night, leaving before dawn. To the besotted Shinzaburo, Tsuyu was the lovely maiden he had fallen in love with but his servant, Tomozo, who spied on them, could see that she was a dead woman. Shinzaburo was advised by the wise Yusai that he was consorting with the dead and that this could lead to his own death, so he went in search of the two women but found only their tombs. The priest, Ryoseki, gave Shinzaburo various talismans to ward off the ghosts of the dead and, when they next came, Shinzaburo locked the doors and they could not get in. Youé bribed Tomozo to give them access and the affair started up again. Next morning, Tomozo found Shinzaburo dead, lying beide the bones of Tsuyu. Occasionally referred to as Shinzaburo.

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