European - A servant of Sevinus. Brother of Guire. He was taken prisoner by the Saracens when his master was killed in battle but escaped after three years and lived alone in the deserts of Palestine until the arrival of Huon to whom he attached himself as guide on his journey to find the Sultan Gaudisso. When Huon was imprisoned by Gaudisso, Sherasmin planned his escape with the help of Clarimunda and, pretending to be Gaudisso's nephew, Solario, obtained some of the Sultan's beard and four of his teeth, the objects required by Huon, when the Sultan was killed on the orders of the Caliph. Also known as Sherasmin, Gerasmes, Gerasmes, Gerasmin, Gerasmin, Geraume, Geraume, Geriaume, Geriaume, Ger(i)aume, Ger(i)aume, Solario or Solario.

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