Shen Nung

Chinese - An early emperor, one of the Three Sovereigns. A god of agriculture and medicine. Son of An Teng and a dragon. Husband of Hsien Tsan. Father of Chih YĆ¼. He was the product of a miraculous birth and was nearly nine feet tall when born, with the head of a bull on a man's body. He taught mankind the art of agriculture and introduced the art of medicine which he learned by studing nature and finding out secrets of herbal remedies. He was said to have a transparent stomach that allowed observation of the effects of medicinal plants, etc. He died when testing a species of grass which cut open his intestines and was deified. He runs the Ministry of Healing with Fu-hsi and Huang Ti and is credited with the invention of the plough and the discovery of medicinal herbs, becoming the patron of chemists. He is regarded as a kitchengod in some accounts. Others equate him with Yen Ti. He died at the age of 168 and was deified. In some accounts, identified as Shen Nung, Ardent Emperor, Ardent Emperor, Divine Farmer or Divine Farmer.

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