Hindu - A goddess. Daughter of Brahma. Mother of Manu. Mother of Priyavrata by Brahma. In one story, Brahma had incestuous designs on this daughter who was so beautiful that he grew four more heads so that he could admire her from all sides. Other stories say much the same about his consort Sarasvati. In some accounts she is the female aspect of Brahma. In some versions, she is equated with Sarasvati. Occasionally identified as Shatarupa, Sandhya, Sandhya, Sarasvati, 'twilight', Sarasvati, Sarasvati, Sarasvati, Bharati, Brahmi, Logos, Mahasarasvati, Queen of Love, Savitri, Vac(h), Vagdevi, Vak, Pacific Islands Saraswati, Japanese Benten, Sarasvati, Sarasvati, Satarupa, Satarupa, Savitri or Savitri.

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