African - A thunder-god, war-god and god of justice of the Yoruba. Son of Aganju and Yemoja. Son of Ogun, some say. Consort of Oba, Oshun and Oya. Father of Shankpana. He was a king of Oyo who lived in a brass palace and owned a huge herd of horses. He was said to breathe flames. He hanged himself to escape his enemies and was deified. In some stories he climbed a golden chain to get to heaven and became a thunder-god. He is depicted with the head of a ram. At times, called Shango, Sango, Sango or Shango.
West Indian - A Haitian voodoo spirit derived from a Yoruba god of the same name. Also called Shango, Sango, Sango or Shango.

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