Shang Ti

Chinese - A creator-god and sky-god. He is regarded as a celestial emperor with his own court and ministers like the earthly institutions. He allocated the planet Jupiter to Chuang-tzu after it was vacated by Mao Meng. In some accounts, he is equated with Yü Huang. Also commonly identified as Shang Ti, Celestial Emperor, Celestial Emperor, Lord of Heaven, Lord of Heaven, Sirma Thakur, Ti Chün, Lord on High, Lord on High, Shang-te, Shang-te, Sheng Ti, Sheng Ti, Holy Emperor, T'ien, T'ien, Imperial Ancestor, Ten, T'ien-chu, 'heaven', T'ien-chu, Japanese Ten, Tou Chi, Tou Chi, Yü Huang, Yü Huang, August of Jade, August Personage of Jade, Jade Emperor, Jade Purity, Jade Ruler, Pearly Emperor, T'ai-shang lao, T'ien Pao, Yü Ch'ing, Yüan Ch'ing, August (Personage) of Jade, Pure August, T'ai-lao-tao, Yü Huang Yu Jing, Buddhist Yü Ti, Ti or Ti.

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