African - A cultural hero of the Bushongo. He travelled widely and learned many skills which he passed on to his people. Sometimes called Shamba.
Hindu - An incarnation of Vishnu. Son of Krishna and Rukmini. Brother of Kama. Consort of Indukari. Brahmins whom he had mocked laid a curse on Shamba saying that he would give birth to an iron club which would be the cause of his father's death. When this weapon eventually appeared, Shamba smashed it and threw the pieces into the sea. His father died from a wound inflicted by an iron arrowhead and it turned out that this had been made from one of the pieces of the broken club recovered from the belly of a fish. Shamba was captured by Duryodhana in the war with the Pandavas and was kept in prison until Balarama secured his release when he demolished the walls of the city by ploughing beneath them. Another story says that, for some slight to the sage Durvasas, he was cursed with leprosy but was cured by Surya to whom Shamba built a temple. Called Shamba.

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