Buddhist - A name of Buddha as 'the silent sage', one of the 5 Dhyanibodhisattvas, in some accounts. Son of Suddhodana and Maya. Husband of Yashodara. Father of Rahula. In this form, he is revered in Zen Buddhism and is regarded as one of the seven manushibuddhas. He is said to have given parts of his body to save threatened animals and birds and to have given one of his eyes to a blind man. Some say that, in various incarnations, he appeared four times as a horse, six as an elephant and ten as a deer. He is depicted sitting on a lotus with his right hand raised, though sometimes he is seen holding the shuttle of a loom. When regarded as female, 'he' is the fertility goddess, depicted holding a grain of rice and a pot. Some images include Ananda and Kashyapa on his right and left respectively. Also known as Shakyamuni, Buddha, Buddha, Dharmaketu, Narayana, Siddata, Aditya-Bandhu, Amitayas, Amitayus, Bhagavan, Bhagavat, Boodh(a), Budh, Gautama, Gonge(n), Gotama, Jina, Mahakapi, Mahaparinirvanamurti, Narayana, Navasvaraja, (Prince) Sidda(r)ta, Sammassambuddha, Shaka Muni, S(h)akya(muni), S(h)akyasinha, Sidd(h)artha, Siddhattha, Sugata, Tathagata, Vessantara, Vipassin, Chinese Fo, Japanese Butsu(da), Shotoku, Shotuku, Tibetan Sangyas, Tshangs-pa, Sakyamuni, Sakyamuni, Amoghasiddhi, Amoghasiddhi, Don-yo-dup-pa, Don-yod-grub-pa, Kharmaheruka, Shaka (Muni), Shaka (Muni), Chinese Shih-chia(-mu-ni), Chinese Shih-chia(-mu-ni), Japanese Shaka(-nyorai), Japanese Shaka(-nyorai), Korean Sokka, Korean Sokka, Shenrab Miwo or Shenrab Miwo.

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