Egyptian - Animal-headed god of darkness, sky-god and storm-god. Son of Geb and Nut or Ra and Nut. Brother of Isis, Nephthys and Osiris. Husband of Nepthys. When Geb abdicated, he divided the kingdom leaving the south to Set. Set wanted the whole of the kingdom so, in an attempt to get the north as well, he put his brother Osiris in a box and threw it into the Nile. When Isis recovered the body, Set cut it into fourteen pieces and threw them back into the river. Isis recovered and reassembled the pieces, restoring her husband to life, but he went off to rule in the underworld, leaving the northern kingdom to Horus. Set later fought a battle with Horus for the whole kingdom. Set was castrated but, in the form of a pig, put out one of Horus' eyes. In another version, he gouged out both the eyes and buried them. Lotus blossom sprouted from the ground where the eyes were buried and Horus had his sight restored by the gods. In the end, the case was put to the gods for a decision and Horus won. Set was then transferred either to the heavens as a storm-god or the Great Bear or to the desert as a war-god. He was one of the gods protecting Ra in his nightly journey through the underworld and once saved Ra when the serpent Apophis was about to swallow him. He is sometimes depicted as a boar or as part ass, part pig, but, having been born prematurely and shapeless, he can take many different animal shapes. In some accounts he is equated with Sebek On occassion, identified as Set, Ekhi, Ekhi, Ombos, Ombos, Seth, Seth, Sethi, Sethi, Seti, Seti, Sit, Sit, Sut, Sut, Sutekh, Iahu, Iahu, Elath-Iahu, Horus, Isis, Seth(i), Seth(i), Arab Shayth, Arab Shayth, Canaanite Baal, Canaanite Baal, Adad, Cronus, Teshub, Greek Bapho, Greek Bapho, Babi, Typhon, Typhon, Tuphoios, Tuphon, Typhaon, Typho, Typho(eus), Egyptian Set, Hittite Typhoon, Typhoeus, Mesopotamian Setekh, Mesopotamian Setekh, Setes(h), Setes(h), Sutesh, Sutesh, Suty, Suty, Bebon, Bebon, Nuoni, Nuoni, Typhonian Beast or Typhonian Beast.

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