Servius Tullius

Roman - The sixth king of Rome. Son of Ocresia. Father of Tullia. He was said to have been born when his mother mated with Vulcan in the form of a phantom phallus rising from the fire. He was reared by Tarquin and his queen, Tanaquil, and married their daughter, becoming king when Tarquin was assassinated. His daughter plotted with Tarquinius Superbus to kill her Arruns, her husband. She then married Tarquinius who had Servius assassinated so that he could take the throne himself. A similar story of the phantom phallus in the flames is told of the daughter of Tarchetius, mother, in that account, of Romulus and Remus. In some accounts, he is identified with Mastarna. On occassion, called Servius Tullius, Tullius Servius or Tullius Servius.

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