Japanese - Goddess of Mount Fuji. Guardian of the cherry and plum blossom. Daughter of Oho-yama. Sister of Iha-Naga. Wife of Ninigi. Mother of Fire Fade and Fire Flash. She married Ninigi but left him when he became jealous, immolating herself by setting fire to the wooden hut she lived in, after giving birth to three sons. In some accounts, called Sengen, Asama, Asama, Asama, Asama, Blossom Princess, Blossom Princess, Child-Flower, Child-Flower, Fuji-hime, Fuji-hime, Ko-no-hana, Ko-no-hana, Kono-hana-sakuya-hime, Kono-hana-sakuya-hime, Konohana, Konohana, Sakuya, Sakuya, Sayuka-hime or Sayuka-hime.

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