Armenian - A goddess. She fell in love with Er and had him killed when he rejected her. She so regretted this that she persuaded another lover to masquerade as Er, pretending that he had returned from the dead. Another version says that Er was, in fact, restored to life just as he was about to be cremated. On occassion, referred to as Semiramis, Sammuramat, Sammuramat or Semiramis.
Mesopotamian - A queen of Babylon. Daughter of Oannes and Atargatis, some say. Wife of Menon and Ninus. Mother of Ninyas by Ninus. In some accounts, her father was an unnamed Syrian youth. She was abandoned as a baby and fed by doves. Found and reared by Simmos, a shepherd, she married Menon who hanged himself when Ninus, the king of Assyria, demanded Semiramis for himself. She later killed Ninus and was herself killed by their son, Ninyas. In one version of her death, she died of heartbreak when she failed to conquer India. Another story says that, when her mother was changed into a fish, she became a dove. In some accounts, her first husband, Menon, is referred to as Moenones or Onnes. Others say that Onnes was her father. In some lore, occasionally known as Semiramis, Sammuramat, Sammuramat or Semiramis.

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