Egyptian - A fertility-goddess and mortuary goddess. She guards the entrails of the dead and, in her role as scorpion-goddess, guards the king's throne. She is also said to guard the serpent, Apep. She is depicted as having the head of a scorpion or as a scorpion with a woman's head and is personified in the scorpion. In some references, known as Selket, Selk, Selk, Selkit, Selkit, Selqet, Selqet, Selquet, Selquet, Serket, Serket, Serqet, Serqet, Serquet, Serquet, Selk(it), Selk(it), Selq(u)et, Selq(u)et, Serket(-hetu), Serket(-hetu), Serket-hetyt, Serq(u)et, Serq(u)et, Greek Selkis or Greek Selkis.

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