Greek - A moon-goddess and goddess of magicians. A Titaness. Daughter of Hyperion and Thea. Daughter of Pallas or Helius by Euryphaessa, some say. Sister of Helius and Eos. She fell in love with the mortal Endymion and put him to sleep for ever so that she might visit him every night. She is said to be the mother of his fifty sons. Another story says that she slept with Pan who gave her a white fleece or appeared in the form of a white ram. Some equate her with Artemis, Hera, Io or Pasiphae. In some references, identified as Selene, Artemis, Artemis, Bear Goddess, Britomart, Irina, Kalliste, Lady of Wild Things, Mistress of the Griffins, Orthia, Orthria, Phoebe, sacred birds, Taurica, Upis, Agrotera, Aph(a)ea, Arcadia, Bear goddess, Brauronia, Britomart(is), Carmenta, Carnasia, Cranae(a), Cynthia, Delia, Dictynna, Elate, Korythalia, Locheia, Mistress of Animals, Mistress of Griffins, Orth(r)ia, Phoebe, Phyllis, Phosporos, Polyboea, Potnia, Theron, Tauropolos, Trivia, White Goddess, Irish Garbh Ogh, Roman Diana, Syrian Atargatis, Thracian Bendis, Euronyme, Chromia, Chromia, Asterodia, Asterodia, Hera, Hera, Here, Queen of Heaven, Chera, Gamelia, Great Goddess, Karpophonos, Kourotrophos, 'lady', Parthenos, Teleia, Egyptian Mut, Hindu Indrani, Roman Juno, Io, Io, Callirrhoe, Callithyia, 'moon', White Goddess;Egyptian Isis, Luna, Luna, Greek Phoebe, Mene, Mene, Pasiphae, Pasiphae, Pasiphae, Phoebe, Phoebe, Aegle, Selena, Selena, Seline, Seline, Roman Luna or Roman Luna.

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