North American - A one-eyed sea-goddess of the underworld in Alaska. Daughter of Anguta. She was one of the three spirits controlling the forces of nature. When she started to eat her parents, they threw her into the sea from their boat and when she clung to the sides, they cut off her fingers which became fish, whales, etc. In another version, she rejected humans in favour of animal lovers and was thrown into the sea by her father when he was taking her home from a meeting with one of these lovers. In yet another version Sedna was a mortal who was carried off from a boat by a petrel. Her parents tried to drive the bird away but it then attacked them so they threw their daughter into the sea, cutting off her fingers when she tried to climb back into the boat. Also commonly referred to as Sedna, Arnaknagsak, Arnaknagsak, Arnakua'gsak, Arnakua'gsak, Arnaquagssaq, Arnaquagssaq, Arnarkusuagsak, Arnarkusuagsak, Arnquagssaq, Arnquagssaq, Immap Ukua, Immap Ukua, Nuliajoq, Nuliajoq, Nuliajuk, Nuliajuk, Sea Spirit, Sea Spirit, Arnaknagas, Arnaknagas, Arn(a)quagssaq, Arn(a)quagssaq, Arna(r)ku(su)agsak, Arna(r)ku(su)agsak, Great Goddess, Great Goddess, Dorje, Hera, Juno, Mahadevi, Neith, Nerrivik, Palace Goddess, 'old woman', 'old woman', Carlin, Rauni, Greenland Nerrivik, Greenland Nerrivik, Nuli'rahak, Siberian Nuli'rahak or Siberian Nuli'rahak.

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