Second Sun

Central American - The second age of the Aztec. Creation cycle. At the end of the first era, ruled by Tezcatlipoca and which lasted for 676 years, the animals ate all the human beings. Quetzalcoatl killed Tezcatlipoca and ruled for the period of the Second Sun which also lasted for 676 years. When he took over, Quetzalcoatl created a new race of humans and, by sacrificing his own son in the fire, brought light to the dark world they lived in. At the end of this period, Tlaloc caused a great wind to blow away all these humans (except a few who became monkeys) and took over as ruler of the Third Sun. Another version calls this period the Sun of Air and accepts that two humans escaped destruction at the end of the era. Also known as Second Sun, Four Wind, Four Wind, Sun of Air, Sun of Air, sun, sun, ages, Fifth Sun, First Sun, Fourth Sun, Third Sun or Ages.

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