Irish - A hound of Finn. Finn's sister (or, in other accounts, his sister-in-law or aunt) was Uirne and she was to be married to Iollan. When she was pregnant, Iollan's jealous mistress, a druidess, put a spell on Uirne, turning her into a bitch, with the result that her children, Sceolan and Bran, were born as hounds. In other accounts, Uirne was restored to her former self by Lugaid Lagha, whom she married, and the pups were born to them at the same time as human triplets. In some versions, Bran and Sceolan were originally owned by a giant who stole children. When Finn killed the giant, he also took the giant's bitch and her two whelps. Finn kept the brindled one, Bran, and the other, called Sceolan, was left with the children's father. Later the hound was captured by invading Lochlanners and turned loose in Glen More where it became a wild, ravaging beast. Finn, who was later captured by the Lochlanners, was left bound at the mercy of the hound but he tamed Sceolan by showing it the golden leash he used for Bran. When Finn was rescued by the Fianna, he took Sceolan with him and he was reunited with Bran. On one occasion, both Bran and Sceolan were stolen by Arthur, a son of the British king, Arthur, who had come to Ireland with twenty-eight warriors to seek adventure. Nine Fianna warriors followed them to Scotland and killed all of them, taking Arthur prisoner, and recovering the hounds. When Angus Og said that the hounds could not kill a single pig in his herd, Finn set them to work and they killed all the herd of a hundred, including a famous black boar. In some references, called Sceolan, Grey Dog, Grey Dog, Sceolaing, Sceolaing, Sgeolan, Sgeolan, Skolawn or Skolawn.

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