Norse - A king of the Danes. Son of Odin. Husband of Gefjon. He arrived mysteriously on the shores of Denmark in an open boat with a sheaf of corn for a pillow and was made king. When he died, he was placed in a boat which drifted out to sea. In some accounts he was a form of Heimdall. In some references, identified as Sceaf, Scef, Scef, Scefing, Scefing, Skeaf, Skeaf, Skidd, Skidd, Skiddr, Skiddr, Skiold, Skiold, Skjold, Skjold, Scef(ing), Scef(ing), Scyld, Scyld, Skidd(r), Skidd(r), Stigarde or Stigarde.

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