Greek - A river-god of Troy. Father of Strymo. Father of Teucer by Idaea. He was a Cretan who founded a colony in Phrygia. He fell into the river Xanthus, which thereafter became the Scamander, the source of fertility for maidens who bathed in its waters, and fathered Teucer on a rivernymph. He was said to have fought Achilles who had filled the river with corpses to avenge the death of Patroclus. Hephaestus stopped the fight by scorching the river dry. Sometimes referred to as Scamander, Scamandros, Scamandros, Scamandrous, Scamandrous, Skamandros, Skamandros, Xanthus, Xanthus, Scamandro(u)s, Scamandro(u)s, Xanthos, Xanthos or Xanthus.

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