Saxon Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters


Son of Aelle. Brother of Cissa and Wlencing. Called Cymen.

Easter Stones

Altars dedicated to the goddess Eastre. Sometimes identified as Easter Stones.


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May Bride, The

A love-goddess. In some references, known as May Bride, The, Mary of Egypt, Mary of Egypt or May Bride.

Rof Breoht Woden

The Saxon name of Merlin. Sometimes known as Rof Breoht Woden.


A war-god. He is regarded as a manifestation of Heimdall or Tyr. Occasionally known as Saxnot, Sahsnot, Sahsnot, Saxneat, Saxneat, Seaxneat, Seaxneat, S(e)axneat, S(e)axneat, Swordbearer, Swordbearer, Saxsnot, German Tiwaz, German Tiwaz, Norse Cheru, Norse Cheru, Heimdall, Heimdall, Er, Hallinskide, Hallinskidi, Hama, Heimdal, Heimdallr, Mardall, Vindlir, White God, Er, Gullintani, Heimdellinger, Hermin, Irmin, Rati, Rig(er), Saxon Saxsnot, Cheru, Rati, Lyfir, Riger, Tyr, Tyr, Ear, Er, Erchtag, Ir, Irmin, Teiwa, Teu, Tew, Tiu, Ty, Tyw, Zio, Ziu, Ziu-Wara, Ziumen, Ziw, E(a)r, Ir, Ty(w), German Dings, Tiu(z), Tiw(a), Tiwaz, Ziu(-Wara), Tig or Roman Mars.


A god of thunder. Occasionally called Thunor, Thunaer, Thunaer, Thunar, Thunar, Thunaraz, Thunaraz, Thunraz, Thunraz, Thuna(e)r, Thuna(e)r, Thun(a)raz, Thun(a)raz, German Donar, German Donar, Norse Thor, Norse Thor, Dietrich, Donar, Horagalles or Perenu.
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