Hindu - The 7 realms of the universe. In some versions, the universe has three realms (Tri-Loka). In the version that postulates seven, Sapta-Loka, they are listed as: 1. Bhur-Loka, the earth 2. Bhuvar-Loka, the home of the sage in the sky 3. Jona-Loka, the home of Brahma's children 4. Marar-Loka, the home of the saints 5. Satya-Loka, the home of the gods 6. Svar-Loka, the heaven of Indra 7. Tapa-Loka, the home of the demi-gods At the end of each cycle of Brahma's life, these seven worlds will also come to an end and time and the universe will start all over again. Some accounts envisage additional realms such as Gandharva-Loka, Indra-Loka, Pishasha-Loka, Ratshasha- Loka and Yaksha-Loka for various demons and spirits and Soma-Loka for the moon and planets. Sometimes referred to as Sapta-Loka, Loka, Loka, Tri-Loka, Tri-loka, Tri-loka, Kama-loka, Triloka or Pali Tiloka.

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