Persian - A saviour-god. Son of Vispa-Taurvairi. In some accounts, this saviour is born every 1,000 years from the sperm of Zoroaster which is preserved in Lake Kasavya so that it impregnates virgins who swim in its waters. Some say that there are three such saviours - Astvat-eveta, Hushedar (Ukhshyat-ereta) and Hushedar-mah (Ukhshyat-nemah). The third such deity conquers evil in the final battle to allow the world to start a new cycle. In some lore, occasionally called Saoshyant, Astvat-Ereta, Astvat-Ereta, Astvat-Eveta, Astvat-Eveta, Hukshedar-mah, Hukshedar-mah, Hukshetar-mah, Ukkshyat-nemah, Hushedar, Hushedar, Ukhshyat-ereta, Hushetar, Saoshyat, Saoshyat, Soshans, Soshans, Soshyant, Soshyant, Frashkart, Frashkart, Frashgerd, Frashegird or Frashokereti.

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