Hindu - Daughter of Vishvakarma. Wife of Surya. Mother of the Aswins, Revanta, Vaivasvata, Yama and Yami. She had to leave Surya because she could not stand the heat of his glance but she left one of her maids, Chhaya, to take her place. She went to live in the forest as a mare but Surya, in the form of a stallion, found her and they mated producing the warrior Revanta and the twin Aswins. They were reconciled when her father reduced Surya's intensity. She is the Puranic version of the Vedic Sharanyu. On occassion, identified as Sanjna, Sanjana, Sanjana, Savarna, Savarna, Sharanyu, 'conscience', 'conscience', S(h)aranyu or S(h)aranyu.

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