Greek - King of Elis. Son of Aeolus and Enarete. Brother of Athamas, Cretheus and Sisyphus. Husband of Alcidice and Sidero. Father of Tyro by Alcidice. He fathered Tyro by his first wife, Alcidice, and, when Alcidice died, he married Sidero. He was expelled from Thessaly by Sisyphus who, having raped Tyro persuaded the people that Salmoneus had an incestuous relationship with his own daughter, and fled to Elis. When Tyro became the mother of Neleus and Pelias by Poseidon, Sidero treated her with great cruelty. He foolishly pretended that he was Zeus and invited the people to worship him. Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt. In Tartarus he was placed under a rock overhang which was likely to fall on him at any time. In other stories, Sidero was the second wife of Cretheus who abandoned Tyro, his first wife. Referred to as Salmoneus.

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