Buddhist - A king of the nagas. Occasionally known as Sagara.
Hindu - A king. Husband of Sumati. Father of Sarasvati. It is said that he had one son by one of his two wives and 60,000 by his other wife, Sumati. To achieve godlike status for himself, he planned to kill the celestial horse but Indra hid it in the earth. When his host of sons started to dig up the earth to find it, the god turned them all into termites. In another version of this story, Sagara was given a fearsome weapon, the agneyastra, by the sage Aurva, and used it to kill all his enemies who had driven his father, Sachi, into exile. He then took the throne himself. When his favourite horse was missing, his 60,000 sons dug a huge pit in which they found not only the horse but the sage Kapila who killed them all when they accused him of having stolen the horse. Sagara's grandson, Anshumat, eventually recovered the horse and returned it to his grandfather. On occassion, referred to as Sagara.

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