Russian - A merchant. One of the bogatiri. To placate the sea-god, to whom he had forgotten to pay tribute, Sadko offered himself as a sacrifice. He was taken to the undersea realm of the Tsar of the Sea and later restored to earth, having lost his fortune, and carried on his trade on the Volga where he paid tribute to the rivergods. When he later went back to his home town of Novgorod, a waterspirit instructed him to cast his nets into a lake and he was rewarded with a huge catch of fish which turned into coins. In another version, Sadko was a minstrel whose music attracted a sea-god who took Sadko to his underwater palace and compelled him to play his lute while he danced. On the advice of an old sage, Sadko broke the strings of his lute to stop the dance and, when the sea-god offered him the choice of one of his hundreds of daughters as a wife, Sadko chose the last to appear, the lovely Chernava. He had been warned not to touch his bride but he inadvertently touched her with his foot as he turned in his sleep. He woke immediately to find himself on the bank of a river with his foot in the water but, by his side, he found a large sack of gold. At times, referred to as Sadko.

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