sacred serpents

General - Snakes said to possess supernatural. Powers or to be connected with some deity. The Buddha was said to have become a serpent as a healer. In Egypt, the cobra, in the form of the uraeus, represented power. In Greek myths, Aesculapius is represented as, and sometimes took the form of, a snake and one manifestation of Zeus is as a huge serpent. In Indian myths, snakes play an important role. In many cases, the snake is associated with the rainbow. Occasionally known as sacred serpents, Rainbow Serpent, Rainbow Serpent, Rainbow Snake, Yurlungur, Naga[sup]1, Naga[sup]1, 2, 2, Can, Helgé, Sibylla, 3[/sup], 3[/sup], Canache, Daguna, Dione, Helena, Maramma, Mariamma, Sakti, Skyamsen, Taqlikic, Yehl or Yetl.

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