African - An ancestral god in Rwanda. King of the spirits. Son of Babinga and Nyavirezi. Father of Binego. His spirit kingdom of Mandwa had been seized by Mpumuti Muchini with whom he was playing a board game when his son, Binego, arrived. Binego told his father the winning moves and when Muchini objected, Binego killed him. Ryangombe was later killed by a buffalo when on a hunting-trip. Some took the animal's form. Some say that he lives in a volcano. At times, identified as Ryangombe.
African - A hero of the Baziba people. He was said to have a voracious appetite, eating a whole ox as soon as he was born. In a later episode, he demanded oxen from the giant, Ntubugezi, and ate them immediately. When he swallowed another giant, Ntangaire, it prove fatal because the giant slit his belly and escaped. Also referred to as Ryangombe.

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