Persian - A warrior-hero. Son of Zal. Husband of Tamine. Father of Sohrab. Rustem was said to have been born with grey hair and, as a boy of ten, killed a rampaging elephant with a single blow of his club. He caught a wild stallion and tamed it for his own use, calling it Rakush. When the horse was stolen while Rustem slept, he followed the tracks to the palace of a princess who admitted that she had stolen it so that he would follow it to the palace and she could marry him. He married Tamine, for that was her name, but soon left her to take up his life as a warrior. Their son, Sohrab, was born after he left. In some accounts, he fought and killed his son, not knowing who he was. He once fought for two whole days in single combat with Prince Isfandiyar. He also found Kay Kobad floating in a river and saved his life. When the demon Arzang captured and blinded Kay Kaus, the king of Persia, Rustem fought the demon and recovered the king, restoring his sight by magic. The king, jealous of Rustem's fame, lured him into a trap; he prepared a pit full of sharp spears into which Rustem fell as he rode over it on his horse, Rakush. In his deaththroes, he shot the treacherous king with an arrow. In some accounts he is called Frangrasyan. Sometimes identified as Rustem, Frangrasyan, Frangrasyan, Afrasiyab, Raodhatakhma, Raodhatakhma, Rostem, Rostem, Rustam, Rustam, Rustum or Rustum.

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