Russian - A water nymph. These beings are said to be the souls of girls who died before baptism or on their wedding night. In some accounts they are beautiful maidens living in trees near water, in others they are described as ugly hags. They are said to spend only half of the year in water, the rest of the time being spent in the woods. When in the water, they lure sailors to their death by singing and, during Rusalnaia, approach men from the rear and tickle them to death. In some references, identified as Rusalka, Rusalkar, Rusalkar, Rusalki, Rusalki, Russalka, Russalka, Vodyanik, Vodyanik, Vodyanoi, plurVodyanoi, Finnish Cacce-haldde, Lapp Kul, plur The Rusalki, plur The Rusalki, Lapp Saivo-niedo or Lapp Saivo-niedo.

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