Norse - A knight at Etzel's court. Husband of Gotelinde. Father of Dietelinde and Nudung. In one story, he rescued Dietrich and his companions when they were besieged in a fortress while fighting with Waldemar on behalf of Etzel. He was sent to ask for the hand of Krimhild on behalf of Etzel after the death of his first wife, Helche, and the murder of Krimhild's husband, Siegfried. Later, when Krimhild tried to kill Gunther's party which was visiting Etzel's court, Rudiger was forced by an oath of loyalty to help in the slaughter but he was himself killed by Gernot. In Thidrekssaga, he is known as Rodingeirr. At times, known as Rudiger, Rodingeirr or Rodingeirr.

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