Ruad Rofessa

Irish - A name for the Dagda as the god of knowledge. Father of Find File. In some contexts, the name is applied to the wise salmon which later appeared in the story of Finn mac Cool. In some accounts, called Ruad Rofessa, Lord of Great Knowledge, Lord of Great Knowledge, Ros Ruadh, Ros Ruadh, Ruad Ro-Fheasa, Ruad Ro-Fheasa, Ruad Rohfhessa, Ruad Rohfhessa, Ruadh Ro-Feasa, Ruadh Ro-Feasa, Ruadh Rohfhessa, Ruadh Rohfhessa, Ruad(h) Ro-Fheasa, Ruad(h) Ro-Fheasa, Ruad(h) Rofhessa or Ruad(h) Rofhessa.

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