European - A king of the Lombards. Husband of Oda. Father of Helche and Pepin. After the death of Alboin and Rosamund, the throne passed through several hands and finally came to Rother. He fell in love with a picture of Oda, daughter of the emperor Constantine, and sent a delegation to ask for her hand in marriage. All the men were thrown into prison by Constantine and Rother, using the name Dietrich, and Berchther went to Constantinople in search of them when they failed to return on time. Constantine released the prisoners to help in his fight with Imelot who had invaded his kingdom and they not only routed the invading forces but captured Imelot who was king of Babylonia. Rother and his men then made off with Oda and returned to their own country. Constantine then employed a magician who tricked Oda into going aboard his ship and sailed off with her, back to Constantinople. Rother went back to Constantinople to find her and found that Imelot, having escaped from captivity, had made a further invasion and was demanding Oda's hand for his ugly son who was a hunchback. Rother and his men helped to repel the invasion, killed both Imelot and his son and took Oda back to Lombardy where she bore a daughter, Helche, and a son, Pepin, who became the father of Charlemagne. Occasionally referred to as Rother.

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