Ros Ruadh

Irish - A king of Ulster. Son of Rudhraighe. Husband of Maga and Roch. Father of Fachtna by Maga. Father of Fergus mac Roth. By Roth. When Congall Clairingleach defeated Fergus mac Leda, he gave the throne of Ulster to the warrior, Ros Ruadh. Also commonly identified as Ros Ruadh, Dagda, The, Dagda, The, Aed(h), Dagd(a)e Daire, Daghd(h)a, Daygide, Draidecht, Dugal the Brown, (Eochaid) Ollathair, Great God, Mighty One, Ruad Rof(h)essa, Ruadh Ro-Fheasa, Gaulish Sucellos, Ross the Red, Ross the Red, Ros Ruadh, Ruad Rofessa, Ruad Rofessa, Lord of Great Knowledge, Ros Ruadh, Ruad Ro-Fheasa, Ruad Rohfhessa, Ruadh Ro-Feasa, Ruadh Rohfhessa, Ruad(h) Ro-Fheasa or Ruad(h) Rofhessa.

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