New Zealand - A Maori god of agriculture, food, sea and war. Son of Rangi and Papa. Brother of Haumea, Ruaumoko, Tane, Tangaroa, Tawhiri and Tu. He came down to earth via the rainbow and married a mortal whom he killed out of jealousy. He is due to return on a floating island full of all good things. Sometimes called Rongo, Orongo, Orongo, Te Rongo, Te Rongo, Kahukura, Kahukura, Rong-ma Tane, Rong-ma Tane, Rongo-Maui, Rongo-Maui, Hawaiian Lono, Hawaiian Lono, Marquesas Ono, Marquesas Ono, Samoan Lo'o, Samoan Lo'o, Lono, Rongomatane, Rongomatane, Romatane, Rong-ma-tane or Rongo-ma-Tane.

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